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Hand painted, one of a kind silk accessories and wearable art.

Each silk scarf is individually hand drawn, waxed then hand painted with the most brilliant permanent pigments available and after this long process, the silk scarf edges are rolled and sewn by hand.  Our customer is the sophisticated buyer who appreciates original, exclusive and artistic creations. They also make unique gifts. These fashionable silk scarves, scarf, wearable art and resort wear fashion can be creatively worn as a skirt, sarong, bandana or dress and also can be transformed into striking decorative wall hangings.  The Dreamluxe collection is inspired by Art, World Travel, nature, flowers, graphic design, Buddha, and cultures such as Latin, Maya, Aztec, and Asian.          
Art Around the Neck silk scarf and scarves are elegant, keep you warm and are easy to travel with. Since no two are alike you'll love to wear these exquisite silk scarf, resort wear fashion and silk scarves at the beach, concerts, sailing, cruises, skiing, graduations, birthdays, weddings or any special event!
We can design a personalized, one of a kind silk scarf, resort wear fashion, wearable art and wall hanging in any size for you, your family or business.



Art Around the Neck


Art Around the Neck


Art Around the Neck




Kimono Jackets

Art Around the Neck


Art Around the Neck


Devore saten scarfs

Art Around the Neck

Devore Saten Shavls

Art Around the Neck

Devore Velvet Scarfs

Art Around the Neck

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