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creative process


One of the most frequently asked questions has been "How long does it take to make a scarf?" It is also one of the most complicated questions to answer. However, perhaps the following explanation will help clarify the answer.
Since silk comes in a variety of textures and weights (Charmeuse, China silk or Habotai, Crepe de Chine and Silk Chiffon are some of my favorites) choosing and ordering the right kind of silk and appropriate dyes can be quite an adventure.
The actual process begins with presoaking the silk in special detergent which removes all kind of impurities that can otherwise cause uneven dyeing. Since I use fiber- reactive dyes, the silk is soaked in soda ash that aids reaction between the dye and the fiber.

Once silk is dry (in some versions it can stay wet to obtain different effects), it is firmly stretched on the special "strechers". It is the creative phase of the process that I find most challenging and rewarding. A water-soluble gutta, or resist, is used to avert dye from spreading throughout the fabric. After design created with the resist paste is dry, chosen shades of color are applied. At this point the silk painting is ready for steaming.This is done by wrapping silk in a blank newsprint paper or muslin. After ours of steaming, dye is set, bonded and brilliant. Silk is now ready for washing, rinsing, towel drying and ironing.

So there you have the process. Now, you tell me, how long does it take??
Your scarf will "live" longer and You will enjoy wearing that "art around your neck" for many years if you follow this advice: Hand wash the silk in hair shampoo (cold water), wring out and pat dry in an old towel. Tumble dry on a gentle cycle, then press with a hot iron. Dry cleaning is also recommended.

Art Around the Neck
Art Around the Neck
Art Around the Neck
Art Around the Neck



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